Bringing medical experience and creative problem-solving to help shape society's next step in medical healing.

Harnassing technology to support organizations in their mission of care.


Featured Work

Dive The Trieste

An educational application that emulates the historic dive of the famous submersible into the Marina Trench

Rack Overflow

A place to share ideas about working out when you have medical conditions. The first answer is provided by ChatGPT AI.


Robust intuitive help in finding businesses to meet your needs

Past Projects

Sampling of projects I've undertaken leading the team:

  • Private Practice Electronic Medical Record
  • Ventura County, redesign hospital forms
  • Ventura County, redesign outpatient treatment plans
  • Crack-A-Packs, LLC

I am David Gudeman

Actively writing code and looking for the next challenge.

As a software engineer and medical doctor, my career has been characterized by an insatiable curiosity and a deep commitment to enhancing human lives. A wide spectrum of undertakings has furnished me with a unique knowledge base, which I leverage to ensure that my code development is not only relevant and efficient but also meaningful to all its users - patients, clinicians, and administrators.

Having built high-performance teams at Ventura County Behavioral Health and led a substantial private practice, I understand the importance of considering all stakeholders. I am driven by the love of innovation and the application of emergent technologies. As a psychiatrist, I pioneered the use of TransCranial Magnetic Stimulation in Ventura County. Recognizing the immense benefits of digitalization, I transitioned to a paperless office before many of my peers - an achievement made possible because I developed the software myself. This project marked the beginning of my fascination with coding.

I perceive leadership as an earned privilege and a vital ingredient for successful outcomes. I'm dedicated to embodying this in my daily interactions and appreciate collaborating with others who share this commitment.

Favorite Tools:

  • Reactjs
  • Github
  • Firebase
  • Typescript
  • AWS

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